Dr Aartjan te Velthuis

Principal investigator

In brief: I love RNA viruses and their RNA polymerases. I am also a keen runner and LTL of Wittertainment. People tend to call me AJ. 

Background: PhD in the lab of Eric Snijder and Nynke Dekker at the Universities of Leiden and Delft, respectively. Postdoc in the labs of Ervin Fodor and Achilles Kapanidis at the University of Oxford. PI in Cambridge from August 2017.

Current funding: Wellcome Trust; Royal Society; NIH/NIAID; Isaac Newton Trust.

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  • AJ's work with Ervin Fodor's lab covered in The Economist
  • AJ's work with Ervin Fodor's lab covered in Nature Microbiology News&Views
  • AJ's work with Wendy Barclay's lab covered by the Sun and Mirror
  • AJ interviewed by BBC Radio 4 Inside Science

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Hollie French

Research Assistant. Hollie got her BA (Hons) from the University of Cambridge and joined the lab in January 2018.

Emmanuelle Pitre.jpeg

Emmanuelle PITRE

Emmanuelle is a PhD student n lab. She joined in October 2019 and is funded by a Departmental Studentship


Elizaveta Elshina

Liza is a PhD student in the lab. She joined the lab in October 2018 and is funded by Vice-Chancellor’s Award.


Esther De boer

Master student from Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Esther joined the lab in February 2018 with Erasmus+ funding.



ONI TIRF microscope (nanoimager) with 0.49NA objective and 4 laser lines (405nm, 473nm, 532nm, and 640nm).


Margarita Lazaridis

Master student from Tulin, Austria. Margarita joined the lab in February 2018 with Erasmus+ funding.

Former students

  • Annika Ranta - Karolinska Institute and funded by Biochemical Society
  • Margarita Lazaridis - University of Tulin and funded by Erasmus+.
  • Alannah King - University of Cambridge part II student
  • Sofia Weiss - University of Cambridge and funded by Microbiology Society
  • Alexandra Moderc - University of Lyon
  • Sabrina Weis - University of Heidelberg and funded by Erasmus+
  • Judith Oymans - University of Utrecht and funded by Erasmus+. Replication and transcription papers in Journal of Virology - now at University of Wageningen.
  • Thomas Stubbs - University of Oxford Biochemistry part II student. Literature review in Future Virology.


  • Dr Hamid Jalal | Public Health England, Cambridge
  • Dr Debby van Riel | Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • Dr Emmie de Wit | NIH, Rocky Mountain Laboratories, Hamilton, United States
  • Prof Wendy Barclay | Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom
  • Dr Mathilde Richard | Erasmus Medical Centre, Rotterdam, the Netherlands